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Bologna destinazione per una vacanza

La Dotta, la Rossa, e la Grassa

Bologna, capital of Emilia-Romagna, is affectionately defined by its citizens as “la Dotta, la Rossa, e la Grassa” (the Learned, the Red, and the Fat). La Dotta is dedicated for its university which is the oldest in the western world, founded in 1088, and continues today to attract Italian and foreign students, maintaining its very active role as cultural center. La Rossa represents the unique color of its roofs and houses that contribute to maintain the vivid atmosphere of the city during medieval period. Lastly, Bologna La Grassa is an honor for its well-known and famous gastronomic traditions: the Bolognese cuisine is rich, flavorful, and known all over the world, especially for its typical dishes: tortellini, lasagna with meat ragout, mortedella, succulent cotoletta alla Bolognese, only to name a few.