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Our commitment to sustainability

Notre engagement en faveur de la durabilité

Hotel Corona d'Oro is a sustainability-conscious hotel.

The hotel has implemented many sustainable initiatives initiatives to help protect the environment and conserve resources; some of the hotel's green initiatives include recycling programs, use of energy-saving and energy-efficient LED bulbs, and water conservation efforts.

Hotel Corona d'Oro also encourages its Guests to participate in green initiatives and is committed to providing a sustainable and environmentally friendly experience.

Our commitment to sustainability

Learn about the procedures we have adopted to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions:

  • All rooms are equipped with energy-saving switches.
  • At least 80% of the food consumed is sourced from the hotel's Region.
  • Energy-saving LED bulbs are used in all rooms.
  • Double-glazed windows reduce heat loss and limit energy consumption.

Our commitment to waste reduction:

  • To reduce plastic waste, we provide only 100% recycled PET bottles.
  • We recycle waste.

What measures have been taken to reduce water consumption:

  • Use of water-saving toilet flush with double button
  • Installation of water-saving showers.

Plastic Free
There is no planet B

We are currently adapting measures to minimize the use of plastic:

  • We have completely eliminated plastic bottles, opting for glass, aluminium and Tetrapak bottles.
  • Our Tetrapak packaging is recyclable, Carbon TrustTM certified and 83% plant-derived (with a plant-based caps).
  • Work in progress: replacing laundry bags with biodegradable and compostable alternatives.
  • Next step: elimination of single-dose plastic courtesy products with refillable eco-friendly dispensers.