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Botanical Garden and Herbarium

Botanical Garden and Herbarium

Bologna, a city famous to many for its history and culture, harbors a green gem that cannot be forgotten: we're talking about the Botanical Garden of the University of Bologna, one of Italy's oldest, dating back to the distant 1568, thanks to Ulisse Aldrovandi.

Serres and garden

You can find it at Via Irenio 42, close to the University. This treasure offers a truly unique experience: it boasts 4 greenhouses, two tropical and two dedicated to succulent plants, along with a spacious garden that during the spring months turns into a true floral spectacle, with most of the plants in full bloom. A small greenhouse also hosts a collection of insectivorous plants, adding a touch of unexpected charm.

A green refuge

However, the Garden remains splendid even in other seasons, a walk along its paths offers a pleasant escape from the city hustle and bustle and is always an experience we highly recommend. The benches invite you to relax, perhaps indulging in reading a few pages of your favorite book.