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The arcades of Bologna

Hotel Corona D'Oro | I portici di Bologna


The arcades of Bologna Unesco heritage:

Along with the typical towers and the famous red roofs of the city of Bologna, there is something that is in the hearts of the citizens of Bologna and, finally, is recognized by the whole world: our wonderful arcades have become a UNESCO World Heritage Site!
There is no other city that has the same number of arcades as Bologna, this fabulous architectural work is 38 kilometers long only in the historic center and reaches 53 kilometers if we take into account those outside the city.

A story that comes from afar...

The birth of the arcades of Bologna can be traced back to the early Middle Ages and has something curious, it is not in fact a work born for military or urban purposes but as self-management of the inhabitants of the city for the need to "enlarge" their living spaces. They used to increase the size of their houses in height as the family grew and it was necessary at some point to build columns to support the houses. This solution had innumerable advantages: the porticoes allowed the citizens to defend themselves from the rain or from the hot summer sun and above all to let the goods pass under any weather conditions, far from the dirt that was usual to find on the streets. Moreover, local craftsmen could benefit from a well ventilated, bright and sheltered place, better than the first floors they were used to and which often hosted their stores.


Expansion in the 300s

But how did such an enormous expansion of the portico come about that it reached 53 kilometers? At the beginning of the 1300s, Bologna's great fame as the "capital of culture" (a magnet for students and intellectuals from all over Europe) combined with immigration from the countryside to the city, led local administrators to regulate urban development and establish that all newly built houses should have a portico at their entrance, to facilitate the transit of the ever increasing number of people.

Now an international tourist destination

With the passing of the centuries this work has become a symbol of synergy between the inhabitants and the city and between the city and the marvelous Colli Bolognesi, among which Bologna has had the fortune to rise. Typical is in fact the path of San Luca, which from the city accompanies tourists under the longest portico in the world to the Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca, in a maze of fascinating paths.

The arcades of Bologna, born out of necessity, are now an international tourist destination and recently entered the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites! For the city and for all the staff of the Hotel Corona D'Oro it is a great satisfaction, our bond with Bologna is strong and it is wonderful to see internationally recognized what we are so fond of.

For your next trip let yourself be charmed by the culture and charm of a city so rich in history, come and discover the beautiful Bologna!